Die Menschen haben diese Wahrheit vergessen, sagte der Fuchs,
Aber du darfst sie nicht vergessen.
Du bist zeitlebens für das verantwortlich, was du dir vertraut gemacht hast...

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, 'Der kleine Prinz'

About Aktion Kleiner Prinz


Unfortunately, only some of the information about us is available in English. However, if you would like to find out more or you have any questions, please feel free to use the contacts below.

About Aktion Kleiner Prinz

In the media there are daily on-the-spot reports from war zones all over the world. Millions of children are suffering physically and mentally from the consequences. Their desperate situation calls for our spontaneous help and solidary action.
On the background of the indescribable distress of the children in the Balkan war the "Aktion Kleiner Prinz e.V." was founded by a group of committed people around the Warendorfer medicin Klaus Schäffer in 1993. Their aim was to give immediate international aid to children in need as victims of war, violence, persecution, and disaster. Irrespective of the nation, religion, skin colour, or philosophy of life, we have offered since then practical and financial aid on a voluntary basis.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's family supports our charity by authorising us to carry the 'Little Prince' ('Kleiner Prinz') in our name.
Since the foundation the number of members has increased up to more than 600.

Around 150 helpers and aides are working voluntarily in collecting material donations and/or our yearly actions (Run for Hope for children in need, flea market, Christmas parcel event and various waffle bakings for the good purpose).
If you would like to have more detailed information to our current and past projects you can have a look under ‚What we are doing‘.
Furthermore, you will find there the statutes (PDF) of our charity and our structure (PDF). If desired we will be pleased to send you our Flyer or our detailed brochure.

What we do

Aktion Kleiner Prinz supports projects for children in need worldwide. We are strictly following our principles that aid is always destined to specific projects and that we have to be able to understand and monitor how our aid is used.

Help for Refugees in Syria
With the support of Aktion Kleiner Prinz some thousand of cans of baby food could be distributed in Idlib to families from Aleppo.

Earthquake Aid in Nepal
Aktion Kleiner Prinz supports the reconstruction of the school at Chaurikharka – together with our partner Kinderhilfe Nepal (Children’s Help Nepal).

Earthquake Aid in Haiti
The medicin Thomas Diehl of Haiti-Emergency Help e.V. cares for orphans – together with the family initiative FMCS.

Orphanage in India
Aktion Kleiner Prinz has built an orphanage for the victims of the Tsunami – together with priest Victor – and participates in a long-term funding.

School- and Workshop Project in Kongo
Aktion Kleiner Prinz supports to build a school- and workshop centre in Kimbulu.

Hospital in Afghanistan
Aktion Kleiner Prinz has supported the brave mission of Brigitte Weiler and her organization ‚Cabilla‘ help in northern Afghanistan.

Colourful Circle
The ‚Colourful circle Münsterland e.V.‘ supports family aftercare for seriously ill babies.

Educational Project in Uganda
Mrs. Pöhland and her organization SCSU stand for sustainable educational projects in Nyabuteba, western Uganda.

Long-term Commitment in Kongo
A hospital was built under the direction of the medicin Dr. Otte – born in Warendorf – and with the financial help of Aktion Kleiner Prinz.

Nursery Schools in Namibia
Aktion Kleiner Prinz helps in the slums of Swakopmund with donations to feed children in various nursery schools.

Bread of Life, Bosnia
Bread of Life from Prijedor has got an educational project for children who are socially deprived and are coming from families with many children

OASE in Banja-Luka
OASE aids in psychic and existential problems after the civil war in Bosnia-Herzegowina.

Help for Roma Children Siebenbürgen
The Children’s Aid for Siebenbürgen e.V. helps Roma families to build 2-room houses under their own contribution.

Bangon Philippinas
Emergency help for the reconstruction after taifun ‚Haiyan‘ on the Philippines.

Sana Help, Bosnia
Help for the region at river Sana in north-west of Bosnia Herzegowina – a region which was heavily flooded.

Nursery School Mala Sirena, Bosnia
Loving and qualified support for an institution that helps children from traumatised and war-affected families.

Rehab Centre Satu Mare
Aktion Kleiner Prinz supports the only Rehab Centre for disabled children in Romania.

Youth Centre Ljubija
Support for an non-profit organization in Ljubija which improves the situation of life for children.

Christmas Parcel Event
Since 1995 Aktion Kleiner Prinz organizes the delivery of Christmas parcels for children in need in crisis regions in Eastern Europe.

Aid Transports
1993 the first aid transports went to the battled Jugoslavia – since then about 270 transports have gone to various crisis regions.


How you can help

Aktion Kleiner Prinz is thankful for all kinds of support:

If you would like to support us, you can make a donation through:

Aktion Kleiner Prinz
Account number: 620 620 62
Bank: Sparkasse Münsterland Ost
Bank code: 400 501 50

IBAN Nr.: DE46 4005 0150 0062 0620 62

(Receipts for donations above 25 €uro will be sent immediately, and are tax deductible.) Please indicate your complete address.
Please let us know the way in which you would like your donation to be used, whether you would like your donation to be used for any campaign or for a specific campaign.

We should be very pleased if you would support our charity by becoming a member. You can download this form, fill it in, and send it to:
Aktion Kleiner Prinz
Internationale Hilfe für Kinder in Not e.V.
Am Hartsteinwerk 5
48231 Warendorf

At this time there is no English translation of the application form available.
If you have any questions, please contact us via mail or phone as stated in Contacts.



Charity address
Aktion Kleiner Prinz, Internationale Hilfe für Kinder in Not e.V.
Am Hartsteinwerk 5, 48231 Warendorf, Germany

Office and warehouse
Am Hartsteinwerk 5, 48231 Warendorf, Germany
Phone: +49 2581 784 747
Fax: +49 2581 784 748
E-Mail: Buero(at)

Board members

Dr. Michael Quinckhardt (Chairman) Fon: +49 2581 61993
Martin Schulte (Deputy Chairman, Material
Donations)                                    Fon: +49 2581 62368
Dieter Grothues (Projects)              Fon: +49 2581 60833
                                                    Fax: +49 2581 782754
Johannes Kremers (Finance)          Fon: +49 2581 4604917
Ursula Vögeler (Secretary)             Fon: +49 2586 1222
Ricarda Reker-Nass (Press Officer) Fon: +49 2581 3080
Eva-Maria Schmitz (Press)             Fon: +49 2583 809202
Klaus Chmiel (Committee Member, Material
Donations)                                    Fon: +49 2581 3296
Marie-Luise Mönnigmann (Committee Member,
Christmas Parcel Event)                Fon: +49 2581 62588
Marion Schubert (Committee Member, Events,
Christmas Parcel Event)                 Fon: +49 2581 96064
Helmut Westekemper (Committee Member,
Administration)                              Fon: +49 2581 941829
Wolfgang Wohlgemuth (Committe Member,
Transports)                                   Fon: +49 2582 65447





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